Dueling Egrets { Explored on 4-22-2013 #-312 } A huge thank you to all.
I'm sorry I lied folks, but this one I think and I.M.H.O. should be shown as well and to explain how fierce the action was on this day. the bird on top actuallylanded on the one on the bottom to try to displace him from his feeding stand. With feet outstretched and tried to push him off, and yes I do have the images, but know you can tell exactly what was going on. Thanks for stopping, have a great day and week. Two more and we are done.............PROMISE. Please View On Black

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The Bath
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(tree creature) Press L

Early morning walk
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A late view of the wetlands a week ago. We continue to have rain - and perhaps even late snow to keep this area a refuge for wildlife!
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After getting the shot of the NS 1070, a coal empty pulled into Hogan's Alley with a very clean ACe on the point. The dark clouds, light rain and wide angle made for a composition that I kind of like despite all the phone/power lines everywhere.
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at Chacachacare . Copyright 2013 Karen Brodie | All Rights Reserved
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Pippa and I were on our way to camera club - Shropshire Photographic Society - Monday night when we saw this beautiful light. So a quick detour to Haughmond Abbey was in order. Was worth being 15 mins late

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13.04.2013 // Milano - Varazze
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Salute to these boys who serve their life as a seaborne lifestyle, making use of small wooden sailing vessels for their travel from one place to another.

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